CERN’s cafeteria: A hub for physicists to think and discuss their experiments.

Restaurant 1 Cern – CERN’s Cafeteria

The CERN lab’s cafeteria is more than just a place to eat. For physicists, it’s a place where they can think about and discuss their experiments.

Restaurant 1 is the only open cafeteria on the CERN sites and offers self-service. Salads and daily specials are served in ReCircle boxes that can be returned for a deposit or exchanged at other Novae restaurants.


There’s a good reason why restaurant 1 is always overcrowded during lunch time on work days: The food is pretty decent and the prices are reasonable. The selection is fairly large, with a variety of warm dishes including lasagna with eggplant, filet de perche, and aubergine curry as well as salads and sandwiches.

A long dessert table with a variety of cakes, tarts, and puddings rounds out the offerings. The cafeteria offers a wide range of drinks, including beer and wine, and you can also buy coffee.

Meals are served in ReCircle boxes, which you can get in exchange for a deposit at the self-service section of the restaurant. You can also order meals in advance via MyNovae and have them delivered to your desk. Meals cost around 15 francs. Credit cards are accepted.


The restaurant 1 cern serves a large variety of beverages. It also offers a wide range of warm dishes and desserts. The establishment is well-run and a good choice for anyone looking to get a meal at a decent price.

The staff at the restaurant 1 cern is friendly and helpful. They are quick to provide customers with the food they need. The restaurant also provides a large variety of drinks, including beer and wine. It is a great place to spend an afternoon with friends or family. The restaurant is also conveniently located for those who are working at CERN. It is a must-visit for anyone who loves coffee and wants to enjoy a nice meal. It is also a great option for those who want to try something new.


CERN’s main cafeteria, Restaurant 1 is a self-service establishment serving warm meals and drinks for the price of around 15 CHF. The menu is quite large and offers a wide selection of food. The salad bar is also good, and the desserts are a welcome addition to the meal.

Despite being overcrowded during lunch time on work days, the service is quick and friendly. The prices are reasonable compared to Swiss restaurants. However, the restaurant does not renew the options on the menu regularly so it is sometimes hard to find something new to eat.

Restaurant 1 is open during the year, and can be accessed using your CERN Card. It’s possible to pre-order your meals through MyNovae, and these can be collected from the restaurant at a later time. However, all the other cafeterias on the Meyrin site are closed during the end-of-year closure. This is to allow for better maintenance of the facilities and more efficient use of energy.


CERN does boundary-pushing scientific work. But it’s also a typical workplace in many ways, with employees who need to collaborate on the go and access modern productivity tools.

During the seminar, Joe Incandela, representing CMS, spoke first, announcing that one of our collaborations had seen evidence for an anomaly that could be a new particle. The room exploded into applause before he even finished his presentation.

Restaurant 1 is open every day (from 7am to 9pm). A heated tent has been added next to the glass extension, adding nearly two hundred seats in a quiet area and compensating for almost all the seating lost during the refurbishment of the kitchens, preparation and washing areas. The free-flow and Grab ‘n’ Go areas have been refreshed, with a more up-to-date look and better ergonomics, as well as energy-efficient equipment. The restaurant has also reduced its overall energy consumption by two-thirds. This is reflected in the carbon footprint reported below, which represents Scope 1 emissions from the direct use of fossil fuels.

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