Supporting Local Food: Pros and Cons for Restaurants

The W Restaurant in Du Quoin, Illinois

The W Restaurant is a fine dining establishment in Du Quoin, Illinois. It is known for its homemade pasta and steaks. It also hosts special events. Its small menu makes it easy to choose from a few salads, half a dozen entrees, sandwiches and A La Cart items. Its service is impeccable and worth the visit.

Locally sourced food

Locally grown foods are growing in popularity as more people become interested in supporting local food producers and farmers. These foods can offer a variety of benefits, including economic opportunities, health benefits and reduced environmental impact. People also enjoy the taste of fresh and nutritious foods.

Many restaurants are jumping on the locally sourced bandwagon by adding local ingredients to their menus. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons of using local foods in a restaurant.

For one, local foods tend to be less durable than those that have been transported long distances. As a result, they must be used quickly before they spoil. In addition, many restaurants only receive two shipments per week, so they must use all of the ingredients before the next shipment arrives. This can lead to a lot of waste. Additionally, some customers may find it difficult to get certain foods, such as organic produce, from a local source.

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